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  My name is Ludvík Staněk, I was born on October 14, 1946 in Prague, in formal Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic. In 1961-1963 I have graduated the two-year school, in Kaldruby nad Labem in CZ, for breeders of horses and professional riders. I've been working with horses ever since (50 years), in various countries and parts of the horse industry.

I've been in the USA since 1971, where I have work predominantly in the Thoroughbred industry as a trainer, rider (not a jockey) and farm manger, as well as agent for buyers at auctions.

In 1971-1973 I have also competed in the events of Bareback Bronc Riding and Bull Riding at the professional rodeo in Cowtown, New Jersey, but mainly for the sake of experience. In the last 15 years I've been working as a farrier.


I will have more information about myself on my upcoming personal website, once it is finished.

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Some Pictures.


1969-71 Germany


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1972-73 Cowtown Rodeo


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Horseracing in the USA


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